Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bird House and Singing Bird

Bird House and Singing Bird


                                I made this quilled card for a family friend .
                                Except   the card base  backing and flowers
                                all the others are  made with recycled 
                                 the happy birthday sentiment was 
                                stamped on the back side of
                                easter egg chocolate cardboard  box.
                                for the fence  and little bird ,i cut the 
                                pieces and  colored them  from this.
                                          this is the handle of Primark  paper bag.
                                           it was sturdy and was suitable for the fence .


                                                      for inner part of bird house ,i cut the 
                                         borders from china restaurant ad paper .

                                          its buttercups everywhere ,i saw them in my
                                         brother in laws house and took a picture .


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  1. i love the fence. super cute!

  2. Super cute Angelin... Great work...

  3. @Dr Sonia
    Thanks Sonia.
    i enjoyed making the fence ,first it was ordinary when i colored them with brush markers they turned out well.

    @Crafter Khush
    Thanks Khushboo for your lovely comments.

  4. Another beautiful creation from you akkka as usual.... Superb!!

  5. Hihi! I love this card, Angelin, it's so cute! How sweet it the singing bird! And as always, you get inspiration from all the beautiful things around you, I like it :)

  6. A small appreciation to ur fabulous blog. Please collect it here

  7. Really cute bird house Angelin:)

  8. @Chitra Krishna
    thanks chitra
    Thanks a lot Manu
    Thanks Suganthi

  9. Sooo cute! :) You always make such wonderful pieces of art from recycled things! I admire you :)

  10. I am amazed at your work. It is lovely and the fact you re-cycle makes it even better.

  11. Thanks a lot Myrna.
    before getting rid of any thing i always think several times , just keep them in a separate box and make use of it .

  12. @Vanathy
    Thanks a lot for your lovely comments

  13. @Vanathy
    now a days i am hooked on to quilling
    .your needle crafts are fabulous.