Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fabric on Card.

I would like to share this card making idea .
I came to know about Xyron  Creatopia to add adhesive to  fabric in card making.
i decided to make a card using the same idea but with iron on fabric

 Materials Required :Heavy weight card 
                                    Square piece of jute
                                    (i used a piece from a parcel package .Eco friendly)
                                     Piece of iron on fabric
                                     shimmer ..optional
                                     fabric paint(iv'e used water color )
                                     ready made flowers/thin strips of thin craft
                                     paper for borders
                                    ready made iron on motifs could be used instead  
                                    of cutting /coloring and decorating.
                    Cut the card to a desired size 
                    cut the jute in to a square  piece ,and stick it to the
                    card using glue ,let the 
                    glue spread evenly and not run into the jute holes .
                     place iron on fabric over the   picture ,draw the out line ,
                    (create any design or trace any picture to be cut).
                     position it on the jute backing, press hot iron over it.
                     after doing this color the picture ,outlines could be piped
                     in  fabric paint.
                     hide the worn out parts of jute with cut borders.
                    These are my finished projects ,i have stamped the image 
                    of happy easter in the egg.


Thanks for your lovely comments and i welcome your suggestions too....

Have a lovely weekend .

Relax ... Me and My Nokia

Hope you all are keeping fine.we had a lovely week.
there wasn't  much rain .we went to a nearby countryside .our daughter really enjoyed as one of her friends joined us.
we were able to see snowdrops in the woods .snow drops are the first bulbs to bloom in spring they form lovely snowy white  carpet in certain areas where they are naturalized .there are several gardens in u.k and other parts of Europe.
                                                           ( thanks Google)
                                                     We walked through the woods
We saw several people fishing/angling in the lake  (மீன் பிடித்து மீண்டும் ஆற்றில் விட ஆசை )மீன் பிடிச்சு திருப்பி ஆற்றிலே விட்டுட்டாங்கப்பா.

                                             Then we went to a nearby Garden Centre 
                                                      (getting ready for spring/easter)
                                            i like these guys very much .they live in colonies
                                          i like their altruistic behavior 
                                            ஈ , கொசு  அடிக்கிறவங்க இந்த செடியை வாங்கிட்டு போகலாம் 

                                            kids loved to play with the touch me not plants in the pot
                                            (பாவம் செடி ரொம்ப கஷ்டபட்டிடுச்சி  )
                      So thats what we did during the term holidays.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Recycled kitchen paper towel tube napkin ring holder

half term holidays have started here .got to spend more time with my little one .so i will be taking a short break (1 week) shall be back with more ideas .
yesterday i made this napkin holders using kitchen paper towel roll tubes .
i used a craft knife to cut the tube in to two sizes .i had jute(hessian) at home, adhered it to the roll using  glue. at the borders i added deco paper  and as usual my favorite quilled paper roses and leaves.





1, paper towel cardboard tube
2,glue and strong double sided tape,                        
3,sharp craft knife
4, scissors
5, slotted tool for quilling roses and leaves
scrap book colored papers

it took just 20 minutes to finish this project since i already had the quilled flowers (i make them during spare time)
thanks for visiting my blog  and leaving your lovely comments .
see you all after a week.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Mini purse for mum

I made this mini  paper purse/bag for mothers day .i already had a plastic template with me.
while surfing the net also got the templates from split coast stampers.
i v'e uploaded  a template here .
here is my finished project ,i added a quilled flower to the mini purse and also filled it with bonbons.



Printed card,glue or double sided tape.bone folder/paper creaser.
print the template to the card ,cut along the edges .add or omit handles.instead of handles ribbon or natural jute chord could be used. score along the dotted lines ,fold using bone folder and adhere with glue or tape firmly.
Have a great day.

For PDF  template visit


Wednesday, 16 February 2011


My Quilled cards

I love quilling. Paper quilling is coiling or rolling strips of paper to desired shapes and shaping them to make cards.
i made few quilled Christmas cards. i used simple scrap colored papers and glitter and piece of jute in my cards.
this web site gives detailed information about quilling tips,tools,supplies and free patterns

Spiral Necklace,

This Spiral  Necklace is such an elegant one and so easy to do.just keep on adding the beads and imagine going up a staircase.(one step at a time)
i 've made about 20 necklaces with seed beads,also i ve added a pendant(crystals and beads).
1 pack dark seed beads for the inside spiral core.
1 pack light seed beads for the outside of the spiral.
 pick 4 dark beads and 3 light s beads (A,B)
 Tie the beads into a circle .pass the needle through the 4A.

 pickup 1A and 3B and let the beads drop down to the work as the figure shows then pass the needle up through the last 3A and the A just added,pull the thread firmly.position the outside beads just added until they sit right next to the three previously placed out side beads.pickup 1A and 3B and repeat the process until you have the desired length
it will take 8 or 9 repetitions  before a spiral begins to the end attach a clasp of your choice .


the one above ,i made using the beads from a belt.(recycled beads).
i have used nymo thread and size 12 needle for this project.
use clear varnish when string is cut at the edge.

Monday, 14 February 2011



"Friendship isn't about who you have known the longest
  Its about those who came and never left your side"

And this is from my camera


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bead Heart chain

We made this heart chain in our  jewelry making class last year.
Materials required.

Size 11 seed beads .
i 've used ordinary beads red /yellow for Instructions
I prefer Nymo thread
wax {thread haven)thread conditioner
Size 11 or12 beading needles.
to achieve the heart shape keep the thread tension taut so the skipped beads pop out.


Have a great Day.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Hi Friends , craft lovers

Welcome to my world of simple and easy crafting.
this is my first post
i mostly give importance to recycled materials in my card crafts.
i have a gallery in
i love quilling.
i am sending this quilled swans card for take a quill pill challenge 6
                                            frogs on lily pad shaped easel card

my first card is the one i made for valentines day.
the second card is a partly recycled card.i have used flowers cut from an old wrapping paper and the two frogs are from a kids book.
the first one is a quilled card.i made the swans with white copier paper .the roses are hand made.thanks for the lovely comments and suggestions.