Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Quilled Forget me Not Flowers

                         I Received the Stylish blogger award from  Manu
                                            Thanks A bunch Manu 
             Yesterday i made these quilled forget me not flowers .
             so i would like to say  thanks with these flowers.



                      Manus Blog is
                     all her quilled works are Fantabulous !!!

      as a rule i have to share 8 random things about me

                 1, Baby pink is my Favorite Color
                 2, i like to use at least a single recycled thing
                     in my crafts 
                 3, My Favorite song is Amazing Grace  ..
                     in my daughters voice
                 4, Vegetable soup with brown bread is my 
                      favorite food.
                  5,  I like flowers but don't like them in my 
                       flower vase .
                       i like them as they are in the garden .
                  6, i like to cook different variety of dishes for 
                      my hubby and daughter.
                  7, Range Super store is my favorite craft shop .
                      (at least once a week i visit there)
                  8, My policy ... life is too short 
                                            so be happy 
                                            make others happy .

                    Now i am passing this award to ..


    keep smiling ,crafting enjoy every moment of life .

Before i end i need to mention the recycled things
 used in this card

 1,    cardboard from easter egg box


 2,    for the feelers i 've used yogurt foil.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

                                    Easter Egg Hunt

                                                 I made another card for Challenge





                                   In this card ,iv'e made a bonnet for the 
little chicken ,the bunny and little bird are going in search of 
easter egg ,     the little chick is wearing an Easter Bonnet .

                                   Its nice and sunny here today .
                  Have a nice Day.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
- Edith Wharton

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Celebrate Spring

                             I made this card for a Challenge.
         The challenge is to quill something based on the 
         season you are in.
         Now its Spring in England .pretty blossoms everywhere.
         even the Dandelions look pretty .

                       For this card i used a piece of Hessian as backing.
                       i always adhere it with iron on fabric and then 
                      use it in the card .so the gaps are concealed 
                      and easy to stick to card.
                      Roses are made from incense stick inner pack paper.
                      they do give lovely fragrance .

                                  Thanks for your lovely comments .
                                  Have a Lovely weekend .

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are,
 you would never think a negative thought.


                                                  - Peace Pilgrim


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

With lots of love to my friends

                  With Lots of Love to all my friends.

                                         I made this recess window card with my
                               favorite  pepper  sticker and quilled roses
                              (recycled paper pictures at the end of the post.)



                 My little daughter was inspired by Rachelles quilled dolls
                   and she made  one .
                                       WITHOUT ANY  HELP  FROM ME !!!!
                                              she named her quilled figure --- Lilly

                             I v'e been tagged by  Leanne to play along 
                                            List of fours.
       4 Shows you watch 

       I Hardly watch any shows.
       But...... love to watch
       Cartoon network(Tom and Jerry)
       Animal Planet
       Songs  in Day Star,
       Create and Craft show.

      4  Things you are passionate about

       My Family
       Creativity ,try to make something new and unique
       Help poor and needy
       Cookery (Searching the net for various cookery websites )

       4 Words/ phrases you say a lot

      " Dolly" (my daughters pet name)
       "Yes Dear"
       "Thank you" .

       4 Things you've learned about the past 

         Important key to success is self confidence 
         Think as many as times before uttering a word
         Speech is silver Silence is Gold.
         Believe in God ,try your best, leave it according to his will.

       4 Places you would like to go

       Holy Land
       The little village in the border of Bangalore and Tamil Nadu
       where this Angel!!!! was born.
       4 Things You did Yesterday

       Made a quilled Tamil new year  card.
       Made Chappathis  and Malabar fish gravy(for my hubby and daughter)
       cooked  vegetable soup  for me.
       sorted out things in my craft box .

       4 Things you are looking forward to

          visit my mom and relatives in India
          have more craft buddies
          go to wales in summer holidays 
          my daughters summer holidays end of July till first week of September .

        4 Things you love about Spring
            colorful blooms in our garden
            add more goldfish in the pond
            BBQ ...its my daughter and hubbies favorite
            sow herbs ,decorate the garden with solar lights
             and deco figures.

        Tag four people to play along
                    Kushboo Rathi
       i made the roses with these papers .(inner package of incense sticks)


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tamil New year Wishes.

                                          I made this card for Tamil New year (14th April).


                                             Keep Smiling ,Keep Crafting ,
                                             Thank God, for all the Blessings .
                                             Have   A  Prosperous New Year !.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Penny Spinner Card

                  I made this penny spinner card for my friends little daughter.
she is three years today .

                                    Have a lovely sunny week end .

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Birthday Card with folded organza Roses.

  I made this card yesterday .




                               Materials  -  square blank card
                                                     create and craft 3-D embellishment
                                                     Anitas glitter peel off borders
                                                     piece of polka dot card,
                                                     roses are hand made,
                                                     (instructions by Ann ,frosted designs).
                                                     butterfly backing is from my daughters
                                                     old  fairy note pad.(mothers day present).

                               first i adhered the organza piece with iron on fabric,
                               with low heat setting.some part did not stick properly ,
                              but i didn't give up,
                              for the leaves i used silk  mulberry paper ,
                              cut into leaf shape .
 have a lovely week .thanks for your lovely comments.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My first Award

                            I  received my first Award  from Dr.Sonia s v .

                                          Thank you Sonia.

               Sonia is very creative .all her  cards are fabulous.
                      Check out her blog
                      Now its my turn to share 7 things about myself.

                           1, I am a teacher by profession. now a stay home mom.
                           2, I am an Animal lover 
                           3, My husband and daughter encouraged and introduced
                               me to blogging.
                           4, I make crafts and cards with simple  materials. 
                                i love quilling,and decoupage .
                           5, pepper and friends card embellishments and
                               stickers are my favorite 
                           6, i am not confidant enough to use pro markers
                               and twinkling water colors
                           7, I love to make shaped cards and interactive cards .
                   I take this opportunity to thank my followers and people who 
                    stop by and leave their lovely comments ..
                   I am sharing this award with,the following wonderful Crafters.
                        1,   Sheetal
                         ( its from sheetals blog i hopped to suganthi ,priyadharshini 
                                      and and Dr.Sonya)
                        2,   Romina
                        3,   Rachelle 
                        4,   Paula
                          Thanks everyone .keep crafting.