Thursday, 31 March 2011

Recycled crafts

                   I saw some of the recycled  projects, in frosted designs 
                   competition. i decided to make something different.
                              Last week, i bought a frog solar garden light,
                  after removing the froggie  and resettling him in the
                 garden ,i didn't throw the little cardboard box .
                                                         Now see how iv'e converted it.


                                 I used double sided sticky tape to cover the box 
with the white  wall paper sample .and with a sponge, daubed 
distressed ink all over and edges of the box to get that  vintage look.
                Then i made few paper rose buds and quilled green leaves
 and added to the top of the box .( tutorial by Ann ,frosted designs )

Materials used:
                           1, old cardboard box
                           2, double sided sticky tape
                           3,gem stones
                           4,distress stamp
                           5,gold peel off borders,
                           6,chip board butterfly
                           7, white color  wall paper sample piece.
                           8,gold peel off borders for the edges.
  sample papers with golden prints would be lovely,
also old silk saree  and organza cloth could be used instead 
of wallpaper.
before using saree pieces adhere them with iron on fabric 
  so that it stays   stiff  and easy to use on the box.

                                                         Have a  lovely week


God could not be everywhere,so he created Mothers.
                                                                   (Jewish proverb)
                                 WISH YOU  ALL A HAPPY MOTHERS DAY .

Monday, 28 March 2011

Open Swing Top Egg Card

                                                             Open Swing top Egg card       



                                     This is another Interactive card, i made yesterday.

                                             1,   Draw two eggs like this in a 
                                                  designed  card.
                                             2, cut  the second egg(zig zag crack)
                                                 as shown in the picture
                                            3,   Add your favorite picture or sticker 
                                                    to the whole egg
                                                   picture or any image should be in 
                                                   the middle of the egg.
                                            4, add double sided sticky tape OR 
                                               glue to the bottom of   whole egg,remember
                                               to leave little space near the zigzag crack
                              PICTURE INSIDE   .                          
then add a brad/split pin and attach the egg.make sure that top part is 
slightly inserted to the bottom like this,

when closed it would look like this

trim off the excess piece 

Iv'e added glitter and shimmer
also  a  crown to the baby dino

           Have a lovely week.

"You cannot shake hands with a clenched Fist"

                                                             By   Golda Meyer

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Shaped Cards

Egg Shaped Card.
                              I Saw this card in a website .creation faeries
                                            i tried to make one by myself and it came
                                            well too.

The size shown here is the one i've used in my card .

                                           1,Draw three eggs ,

2,cut the first piece and keep aside,add your favorite picture/photo 
or any digistamp.

<-----this is where you stick the picture or photo or digistamp.

 3, then cut the second keep aside,it has thin zig zag
cracks in it,cut along the line.



4,after cutting, second one will look like this

5,then cut the third egg ,here cut it along the the sides 
                                              of double zig zag area .

                                                               after cutting it looks like this
the first and second should be of same size and in thick card,
 the third one in a patterned paper.(its optional), iv'e used blue
 color patterned paper,
can make this card with two eggs also.
cut the third egg and stick it to the second one .THIRD ONE

it should come like this.
arrange the egg the second and third should be placed over the first 
and they should overlap each other.
make a hole using a sharp tool or quilling the bottom of the 
eggs ,insert a brad or a split pin.
now enjoy playing with the egg card.
Have a lovely week.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Quilled Basket with Flowers.

Blessed be all mothers
Who have come into our lives
Whose kindness, care and loving
Remain with us to guide.

                                            By Susan Kramer.

                        This year Mothering  Sunday  is celebrated on the 
3rd of is the fourth Sunday of Lent.
Its the day when Children give cards and gifts to their mum
for her unconditional love.

                           I made this quilled card for mothers day
this is partly a recycled card. after eating all those yummy chocolates 
we had good number of empty boxes and  and those cushion pad 
used in chocolate box.
                        after recycling the cardboard boxes i had an idea 
i kept those pads in my craft box . i v'e used it in this  card ,
i cut a piece of that cushion pad and decorated with distress ink.
then used it as a base for the basket instead of  Nestabilities 
die cut shape.
have a close look 

I made Tulips,Daffodil and few fringed flowers and stuck to the 
leaves in the basket .And added a peel off sticker to the card.
  Tulips ---- made with shape leaves 2 (in my basic shapes)
                   Daffodils ----   petal shape
                  basket handle -----  woven spiral shape
                  basket base---------  C scroll shapes 
fringed flowers or daisies
         I made this  card    last year(2010).picture did not come out well.                               

Eat lots of Chocolates ,don't forget to send me those cushion pads....

Monday, 14 March 2011

Twisted Easel Card with Quilled cup cake

Quilled Cup Cakes


  I made these quilled cup cakes  one on twisted easel card.and 
 the other on normal card stock I am entering  both the  
 cards for a  challenge at

    First i made the twisted easel card .
   Things required    :- 28 cm X 14cm card stock 
                                    14 cm X 14 cm card stock
                                     0.5cm colored paper strips for quilling cup cake
                                     4 cm X 4 cm piece of transparent paper or paper 
                                     cup cake cups
                                     Glitter or pearl beads for decoration .


                    Fold the 28 cm X 14 cm card 
                    make a score line from the top right to the
                    bottom left or top left to the bottom right.
                    now it looks like this then fold.
now take the next piece of square card 14cm X14 cm and
attach this square to the folded triangle now the twisted 
easel card is ready .
it would look like this now



I drew a cup shape and folded the paper, attached to the card,
then made few tight S scrolls and few loose S scrolls 
and attached them on the top part of cup ,added few beads .
then decorated the card with  gem stone butterflies 
added a chip board butterfly and card topper to
 the base of card.
in this card i've added few gold strips to the cup .

 S scrolls 

1,Take a piece of quilling strip
2,place inserting one end of strip unto the slotted 
3,turn the slotted tool until the paper winds
like a coil.
4, do it with one half 
5,remove the tool and let the coil unwind slightly.
6, repeat the same to the next half but in opposite
direction. so that it gives a big S shaped scroll..

                                            S scroll

                                          S scroll, loose coil, and C scroll

         Quilled Shapes                 



this is another cup cake i made  ..with ..marquise shapes
 and quilled roses at the top.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
Albert Einstein


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Digital Stamps in Card Making and Paper Crafts

                    Digital Stamps  .These are Black and white images
  downloaded from computer and used widely in card making.they could be 
  resized before printing.once they are printed on to the card they could be
  colored ,embellished and used in scrap booking and other crafts.

                                        we could make our own digi stamps .
the web below has loads and and loads of free digi stamps.pls read conditions.

                           Some have used their kids drawings as digi stamps .its the
  way you decorate them with colors and embellishments.

                           The following image is a picture drawn by a budding artist .
Iv'e used it in my card.

i  printed the image ,colored and used it in  A Mountain /Valley fold card.

               here i have used a A5 paper for instruction.
               length is 21 cms in this paper ,
               i marked at 7 ,14  ,17 1/2(seventeen and a half)
and folded it this way.
the size may vary but this is the method to make a mountain valley fold card   .
divide the piece of card into 3 parts and fold it as mentioned above              
always use a paper scorer /bone folder if you don't have a score board .




V     .....  VALLEY FOLD.

 The budding artist is my little daughter.