Saturday, 20 April 2013

Paper Twine Flowers


My Paper Twine Daisy :))



I  found a website and tutorial to make paper flowers and crafts using 
Paper Twine :)))Only from  Ann Martins recent post i realized they are 
Paper  Twines rather than 
paper threads :))


And found another lovely tutorial from this site Too     


And Another German Web site ..

I think the twine i have is not thick like the ones i saw in paper phine shop 

so when i untwisted the twine /opened i couldn't get a wide piece .
but i was able to make tiny petals and leaves.
this petal was white ..i just dabbed it with ink to give a pale pink color .

for the flower center i held several pieces of twine together cut the edges
and dabbed it with brown ink .

sorry about this picture was too dark .
excuse !sorry about the messy table :))

i cut exactly 1 inch twine and opened it gently then one edge was squeezed for base of petal 
and other  tapering  edges were  gently folded to achieve the petal shape.
i am thinking of making a dragon fly with white paper twine ..

Friday, 12 April 2013

Tamil New Year Wishes

Puthandu (Tamil: புத்தாண்டு), or better known as Tamil New Year
or Chithirai Thiru-naal, is the celebration of the first day of the Tamil new year 
in mid-April by Tamils in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry in India,
 in Sri Lanka and by the Tamil population in Malaysia, Singapore, 
and Mauritius. its the same time People from Andhra celebrate Ugadhi
and in Kerala its celebrated as Vishu and Punjab as Baisakhi 

it was supposed to be  
"Iniya Tamizh Puthandu Nalvaazhthukkal" in the card ...
i was Quilling as usual at mid night :)) and the words have changed 
i realized  it only after the letters were completely dry .
for the letters i used the same paper thread (my previous post )
i wanted to quill a Kolam ..but there wasn't enough space .

Thanks Dear Friends for stopping by and encouraging me .

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Quilling with Paper Thread

Paper Thread Filigree

I've already made  Cord filigree here
and here
i bought this paper thread from works
shop ..even if the shape goes wrong ...don't worry 
this thread is very strong :))unlike the other paper strips.
but i couldn't get bright colors 
i saw a jute butterfly in a russian web site 

and this is my paper thread flower note card :))


                                                                      Paper Thread          

I didn't use pincers to hold the thread would be good to hold it
 with a pointed pincers as shown in the Russian web site 


If any of you know how to use these paper threads please share your lovely ideas:)
if i get more yellow and brown threads ..they would make a lovely flower Center:)).

Quilled Orange Flowers,/Alternate looping Technique

Quilled Orange flowers made using alternate looping technique.

the green paper i had was pastel colored papers..similar to the card blank,so 
i distressed  the strips with dark green stamp :))

i marked the places to be folded and made them as tight petals
 the small orange flowers ...used 14 cm long 3 mm strip
..i measured from 0-14 s in the cutting mat 
each marked fold measures 2 cm s 
 marked at 2,4,6,8,......14 and folded 
for the big orange flower  used 21 cm s piece of strip 
measured and marked from 0-21 cm s 
folded at 3,6,9....21cm s 
when all the loops were folded and done ...encircled them twice with piece 
of paper and glued at the end .

123  567 ..the fourth one is little higher than the  other petals                                                                              


Friday, 5 April 2013

Quilled Name Plate ...Quilling with Book Paper .


Size of the plate is ...17inches/7 

Made This Name plate with my daughter 
she glued the letters and the leaves .
Most of the things were done by her ..
i was inspired by book quilling from this blog 
i bought an old book from charity shop and used it to make this .
slightly changed it according to my style by adding colored papers with
the book papers .

Thanks Kate for sharing the idea with us 

                                               My daughter made this flower 

 this butterfly .made with book paper and colored strips.

I have already used these in card making 

this is my little ones idea ..she is a book worm :))


before sticking glue to the pieces .
eight pieces
the hardest part was cutting the alphabets .
i had to draw and cut .my daughter glued most of the
elements including the alphabets ..

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Thanks dear friends for stopping by and for your encouraging comments.