Thursday, 30 June 2011

Quilled Squirrels

                            I made this quilled picture yesterday .(started it few days ago !!!)I really enjoyed making this because except the background hand made paper all the materials are recycled and reused .and i am in search of a second hand box frame (only then i could say its a recycled quilled art )
just kidding !!!. i couldn't find the right size frame for this .in a hurry to post this.


                                 The squirrels are made from these
we were left with several unused business reply brown envelopes .
i drew the out line and filled it with several marquiseand tear drop shapes .
The fence as i have mentioned HERE is made with 
primark paper bags handle cut into fence shape, colored 
with maroon brush markers .
the grass ,i cut very thin strips from old file dividers and 
 colored them . red and pink punched flowers are from old magazine 
 papers .even the beads i used for the flowers are from my daughters 
old beaded bracelet.
i slightly shaded the squirrels with fresh chalk .

                                          Thanks for your lovely comments
                        i am going to take a break .
                        (means .... no posts and comments )
                        God willing shall be back after 
                         September .
               until then you guys keep smiling and crafting.
                with lots of love 


Friday, 24 June 2011

Birthday card with hand made tissue paper flower

This is the very simple Birthday card ,i made 
yesterday .


                                it took just 15 minutes to finish the card ,
                                i did not use any backing paper ,as  it would ruin 
                               the polka dot card base. 
                               the stickers are from my favorite pepper and friends 
                               collection.and this is my second quilled butterfly .
                               the first one i made was done by shaping eccentric 
                              coils .within 15 mts it was really challenging.
                              and the paper flower was made by seeing Lauras 
                              video instructions .but i did not use the same 

                               i   used paper tissue (from chinese restaurant )


                                 and it was little tricky to crumble this
                                 kind of paper but i enjoyed trying it.
                                 i used revive starch instead of gimmer mist.
                                 and in the butterfly the body and feelers 
                                 are made with old brown envelope cut into 
                                 thin strips.RECYCLED!!!!!.

                                Thanks a lot for encouraging me with your
                                 precious comments.

                                Have a lovely sunny Week end.
                                 (its always rainy weekends here )

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Thank you Sonya(queen of pop up interactive cards)
 for the lovely award 

     instead of sharing it with fellow bloggers ,i thought of 
     introducing some new talented/ unknown bloggers this time .

      please do visit them and add them to your favorite list 

           1,     Kirsties Blog




            7, sheebas

And i dont know whether you all know about
this site has lovely free digi stamps (please read terms and conditions )
Have fun !!
            Thanks for  your valuable comments .
                                       have a great day.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Natural cord wrist band with quilled flower.

    I made these quilled Jewelry  .one is altered and the other one 
     reused .  

                                                      Quilled flower arm band
                                  i was in a hurry to take the pictures before the glue 
                                  could dry ,thats why those spots are on the flower .
                                                                             quilled earrings 

                                  ARM BAND

                                 I bought a natural cord arm band from 99 p shop and 
                                 added the quilled flower like this (see the pictures)


                                           its the first time i tried to make paper jewelry .
                                           and those tiny earrings are my daughters gold 
                                          ear rings .she wore them when she was 2 years 
                                           i just added a  tight center coil and two tiny 
                                           petals .she really loves to wear them .

                                            the picture was taken at night sorry about the 
                                             poor quality.

     And now its time to thank my blog friend FOR THIS SWEET AWARD
Dr.Sonia S.V 

                                                      Thanks A lot Sonia i shall 
          share it with some of my fellow bloggers in my next post.
Cheers !!!! Keep smiling and keep crafting .

Saturday, 11 June 2011


Hi everyone,
I've made this card for my dads birthday.
Materials used:
                     1.forever friends 3d embellishments
                     2.tulip elements{the happy birthday tag}
                     3.distress ink.
                     4.dark brown and light brown paper
                     5.small strip of white card

I made the racing track using the light brown paper and the small white card



when i finished the card i dabbed ink around it to create some effect.
after that i wrote a poem and added it inside the card.


have a nice week

with love Sharon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 10 June 2011


                               I made this simple and easy card  today.

                                                the teddy bear was hand made  .
 it would have come well if i had used circle and oval
 punches .i drew the shapes cut and assembled them .

                               Have a lovely weekend .

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wild Orange Poppies

Wild Orange Poppies in a Box Frame 

                                                i did'nt have a husking comb to make the 
                                            petals ,so i made eccentric coils and shaped 
                                            them .used a piece of hessian for backing ,
                                          and last but not least the frame .........................
                                                                I bought an air freshener ,
                                          incense stick and holder from body care 
                                          they came in this box .as you all know that 
                                         i never ever throw any junk away.
and sssoooooooo  i've got a frame with cover for my quilled flowers LOL!

                                              NOW PROTECTED FROM DUST TOOO!!!
                                                         from our  Garden.
                                                Byeeee !!!! Have a great day .

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Altered CD 2

                                                                Made by my Daughter.


           This is a quick post. my daughter made this
           for a challenge in trimmies craft challenge.
           it is an altered  CD.only thing i did , helped 
           her to post it in the challenge .

                                  this blog encourages kids under 15 yrs.
                                  so moms tell about this to your little
                                  budding crafters .
                                   the materials she used 

                                  1, scratched  old CD
                                  2, double sided tape,
                                  3,dried grape cluster
                                   (i had this in my box for a long 
                                   time )
                                  she used it as a branch .
                                  4, 3D butterfly
                                  5,seed beads (from my Jewelery /
                                    beading box)
                                  she made the tiny quilled birdie
                                  and the bible verse sentiment she wrote
                                  on a piece of chocolate box cardboard.
                                  and used punched leaves.
                         Thanks for your lovely comments.

                          Have a great day