Sunday, 19 August 2012

Quilled Book Marks

Hi Friends ,Today i made two quilled bookmarks 

                                        this is  for my friend.                                           

the first one was made with recycled materials.
the card   is from this .this is the detox tea i bought from 
Mark and Spencer.

i was as usual tempted by the color(pearl white 
                        with decorative pink borders) .one side was plain 
                        without Any print .
                        i cut and used it as base for the book mark.

the green leaves and stem are made from an old invitation card ##
butterfly from an old news letter .
even the tag is from my daughters dress .   

Thank Dear Friends For stopping by and for your kind comments .

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Quilled Birthday Card

 Hi Friends ,

I made this card for my friend ...she loves listening to music :)))
the back ground french music sheet is from    here 
Thanks Susan ,for introducing Beehive technique to us ...
i made the petals  with single piece of papers ..
made four swirls and with the remaining piece of the same strip i rolled around 
the petal and pinched the edge to get the petal shape 


Thanks Dear Friends For stopping by and for your support .


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Quilled Teddy Bear /Recycled Quilling

Hi Friends , 



I made this Teddy with corrugated paper lining from Biscuit Box.
i  cut the paper with craft knife .and made this teddy with
open style Quilling  technique .
i drew the out line on a piece of old pink color file divider 
and did the Quilling around it .

Have a great Day .Happy Crafting .

Angelin ..