Friday, 23 September 2011

Pop up card /Recycled

                                                                    Another Recycled card 
   Goes to

                                My friend asked me to make a card for her.
                                she said to leave the inside blank so that she 
                                could write her own verse .


card base is from old file folder divider

and the flowers are from these mangosteen 
fruits .used my clear nail varnish to give a 
glossy look ,and added a tiny bead .

                                            quilled leaves from argos catalogue papers 
                                           cheers have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pyramid Gift Box

                               This is the Pyramid shaped tiny Gift Box made from 
Recycled materials. entering this for a recycled challenge



      Materials used in this pyramid box
     This white card is from the school uniform T shirt pack .
     i cut the pyramid box using template

                         folded along the dotted lines      
                                     tied a piece of chord .now its ready for decoration        
                     the blue edges cut  from Thomsan local phone book                      
                    tiny little blue flowers are from these papers 
      the other colors ,i cut from Argos catalogue     
      orange butterfly and green leaves are  from these borders       


       This is another pyramid box made out of glitter card .

                     Thanks for your lovely comments .Byeeeeeeeee.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Recycled Card

                                I made this  simple Christmas card 

                                  Once in three months we receive news letter 
from RBC .(DAILY BREAD ).I saved this picture in my box and
 now used it in this card .
The maroon card base is from my daughters old 
Exercise note book .by the end of term kids bring home 
bundle of them and the back and cover pages are always 
neat and clean and thick as well .i couldn't take a picture of 
the maroon ,it was cut and sleeping in my craft box for a year. 
lavender one here is the other one i am gonna use in my  next craft ..


     i 've used peel off stickers and borders and quilled holly
    and ivy.both the green and red papers are from magazines.




Tuesday, 6 September 2011



                        Made this simple Quilled frame yesterday .I like to use 
Hessian /jute in most of my projects .This jute piece is the one i have 
saved  for more than 6 years .My beloved dad used  a big gunny bag 
to pack a wet grinder we bought while returning to UK .
and its of sentimental value for me .as my dad is no more .
i have been using every piece  of it in my crafts .

 using piece of iron on fabric to hessian would make it easy 
 to add it to cards or stitch so that it remains stiff .
 these birds were drawn and cut on a piece of 
 iron on fabric and stuck to hessian .and the Bible verse was 
 done with ,simple running stitch with embroidery thread.
 (i am not good with needle craft !!!!!! excuse me )

Cheers !!!!! Have a great Day .