Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Spiral Necklace,

This Spiral  Necklace is such an elegant one and so easy to do.just keep on adding the beads and imagine going up a staircase.(one step at a time)
i 've made about 20 necklaces with seed beads,also i ve added a pendant(crystals and beads).
1 pack dark seed beads for the inside spiral core.
1 pack light seed beads for the outside of the spiral.
 pick 4 dark beads and 3 light s beads (A,B)
 Tie the beads into a circle .pass the needle through the 4A.

 pickup 1A and 3B and let the beads drop down to the work as the figure shows then pass the needle up through the last 3A and the A just added,pull the thread firmly.position the outside beads just added until they sit right next to the three previously placed out side beads.pickup 1A and 3B and repeat the process until you have the desired length
it will take 8 or 9 repetitions  before a spiral begins to the end attach a clasp of your choice .


the one above ,i made using the beads from a belt.(recycled beads).
i have used nymo thread and size 12 needle for this project.
use clear varnish when string is cut at the edge.