Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My first Award

                            I  received my first Award  from Dr.Sonia s v .

                                          Thank you Sonia.

               Sonia is very creative .all her  cards are fabulous.
                      Check out her blog
                      Now its my turn to share 7 things about myself.

                           1, I am a teacher by profession. now a stay home mom.
                           2, I am an Animal lover 
                           3, My husband and daughter encouraged and introduced
                               me to blogging.
                           4, I make crafts and cards with simple  materials. 
                                i love quilling,and decoupage .
                           5, pepper and friends card embellishments and
                               stickers are my favorite 
                           6, i am not confidant enough to use pro markers
                               and twinkling water colors
                           7, I love to make shaped cards and interactive cards .
                   I take this opportunity to thank my followers and people who 
                    stop by and leave their lovely comments ..
                   I am sharing this award with,the following wonderful Crafters.
                        1,   Sheetal         http://simplecraft.blogspot.com/
                         ( its from sheetals blog i hopped to suganthi ,priyadharshini 
                                      and and Dr.Sonya)
                        2,   Romina        http://rominascreativecrafts.blogspot.com/
                        3,   Rachelle      http://rachellescraftingzone.blogspot.com 
                        4,   Paula          http://chillinwithquillin.blogspot.com/
                          Thanks everyone .keep crafting.