Tuesday, 4 October 2011


                                                                             Advantage of Silk Ribbon 
Embroidery is that it is not as time consuming as other forms of the 
other needlework.Silk Ribbon Embroidery uses a lot of the stitches 
found in traditional embroidery.

If you are using a fabric thats more loosely woven, then you'd find it 
easier to pull your ribbon through

Needles: two sizes 18(medium)
chenille for ribbons: crewel size 8 embroidery threads
here i have used just a piece of left over hessian /jute to make this twirled rose 
and i used lazy daisy stitches to make the leaves .



Thanks for your lovely comments .i am not quite good with 
needle craft .
just wanted to share this .i would be very happy if any  of 
you could make a framed project and post it in your blog .

Have a great day cheeeers.


  1. Beautifully done! I once try this ribbon embroidery but found it was difficult and never try it again. You had inspired me to try it again one of these days.

  2. Angelin I even have an ebook on this embroidery but never had the courage to try it

    Your work is gorgeous love the red and green

  3. Looking nice. It looks like really time consuming work. Is it?

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  5. Lovely stitching Angelin. And you have used another piece of your jute bag !!very sweet.

  6. Hi Angelin,Intha post eppa poteenga.Dash board-il varave illai.Sorry.Ribbon Embroidery nalla irukuthu.Luvly piece of work.Great Job.