Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Peacock Feather a Quilled Card

    I love Peacock feathers .the colors and texture 
    have always inspired me .
    i came across two quilled cards .i decided to do something different to 
    them.and now i can say this is my idea .
    i did not have the exact colors so i cut them from a note book 
    and they've turned out well .
    and the green papers are pre cut ones that have a golden edges.

                                                          golden edges            

                                              the other side of papers 

i hardly buy precut papers .the above ones ,i received from a friend .
thanks so much for your lovely kind comments .


  1. Angelin
    How clever you are. Great peacock feathers.

  2. wow super angelin, background colour very beautiful.

  3. You are indeed a frugal crafter-- that is what I really admire about you -- you make such masterpieces with what is around!
    I have long since wanted to quill a peacock feather but not confident if I have the color sense to pull it off-- yours is gorgeous !

  4. Thanks for your lovely kind comments dear friends

  5. Angelin, you have brought the colours exactly like the real one. Superb. A special card for someone special :-)

  6. Nice peacock feather Angelin. I am also half way through a peacock feather , I hope to finish soon.I don't have some of the colours.

  7. Lovely Angelin,this looks more real:)