Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Quilled Orange Flowers,/Alternate looping Technique

Quilled Orange flowers made using alternate looping technique.

the green paper i had was pastel colored papers..similar to the card blank,so 
i distressed  the strips with dark green stamp :))

i marked the places to be folded and made them as tight petals
 the small orange flowers ...used 14 cm long 3 mm strip
..i measured from 0-14 s in the cutting mat 
each marked fold measures 2 cm s 
 marked at 2,4,6,8,......14 and folded 
for the big orange flower  used 21 cm s piece of strip 
measured and marked from 0-21 cm s 
folded at 3,6,9....21cm s 
when all the loops were folded and done ...encircled them twice with piece 
of paper and glued at the end .

123  567 ..the fourth one is little higher than the  other petals                                                                              



  1. Angelin
    Such a pretty card and the tutorial is great.
    You do such lovely work.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such neat comments.

  2. very pretty angelin, thanx for the tute!!
    Suman Pandit

  3. lovely card,thanks for the tutorial !!!!

  4. well made Angelin.. happy to follow you..:)