Thursday, 31 March 2011

Recycled crafts

                   I saw some of the recycled  projects, in frosted designs 
                   competition. i decided to make something different.
                              Last week, i bought a frog solar garden light,
                  after removing the froggie  and resettling him in the
                 garden ,i didn't throw the little cardboard box .
                                                         Now see how iv'e converted it.


                                 I used double sided sticky tape to cover the box 
with the white  wall paper sample .and with a sponge, daubed 
distressed ink all over and edges of the box to get that  vintage look.
                Then i made few paper rose buds and quilled green leaves
 and added to the top of the box .( tutorial by Ann ,frosted designs )

Materials used:
                           1, old cardboard box
                           2, double sided sticky tape
                           3,gem stones
                           4,distress stamp
                           5,gold peel off borders,
                           6,chip board butterfly
                           7, white color  wall paper sample piece.
                           8,gold peel off borders for the edges.
  sample papers with golden prints would be lovely,
also old silk saree  and organza cloth could be used instead 
of wallpaper.
before using saree pieces adhere them with iron on fabric 
  so that it stays   stiff  and easy to use on the box.

                                                         Have a  lovely week


God could not be everywhere,so he created Mothers.
                                                                   (Jewish proverb)
                                 WISH YOU  ALL A HAPPY MOTHERS DAY .


  1. Thanks paula for your lovely comments.

  2. wow angelin,its such a perfect jewel box,but i dont knw where can i get those wall paper piece and peel off borders in bangalore to make one!!

  3. thanks geethu for your lovely could use patterned
    paper instead of wall paper ,peel offs are optional. gold glitter would be nice too.

  4. Ohh thanks,and one more thing..pls do upload large fotos from next time,so that output can be seen more clearly :) sorry don mistake me....its just an idea / obligation frm me....

  5. @Geethu

    I always welcome suggestions .i am new to blogging.comments and ideas
    would encourage me to do more better.
    thanks a lot, i shall try to edit the pictures..

  6. Great altered box! Love those roses.

  7. Thanks a lot Helen for your lovely comments .i made them with mulberry silk paper

  8. Hi Angelin.
    Do pick up the versatile Blogger award which I have passed on to you.
    Drop in to my blog for the details.