Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mothers day

I made these tiny baskets for Christmas .i got the tutorial from you tube. 
(tutorial by Dawn a stamp in! up demonstrator)Her web address is http://www.dawnsstampingthoughts.net/   
i made 20 baskets ,filled them with tiny treats .we gave them to a elders home .
 since it was in December  /night  the picture didn't come well .

                              Now its going to be  Mothering Sunday on the 3rd of April.Mother's day gives every child a perfect opportunity to thank his/her mum for her unconditional support.we have decided to make these baskets at our church Sunday school.
this tutorial is very easy for kids .a grown up could assist kids wherever there is a need to use sharp scissors and pointed materials.

                      Materials : 5 1/2  x 5 1/2 (five and a half inches x five and a half inches)
                                           designed or plain heavy weight card
                                          7 inches x 1 and 1/4  inches for handle 
                                           foot ruler
                                           double sided tape 
                                           ready made flowers     and ribbons          
                                         (i used the flowers cut from a
                                           old wrapping paper)
                                             i used split pins instead of tapes 


                                     1,    place the cut piece of card on the board.         


               2,       score at 1 3/4 inches or 4.5 Cm's  each of  four sides 
                         and fold  along the lines then open

               3,      make two slits between A B  and  CD                             


         4,   overlap the outer edges to make a v shape. stick with adhesive.
               (i used split pins to attach the edges and handle together)


      5,    attach the handle using adhesive to inner sides of the basket   
            (in  my Christmas baskets i have attached them outside)
      6,     decorate it with flowers 


       fill it  with candies ,chocolates ,tissues, tiny prezzies ,hair clips  bonbons any thing .
        3 yrs ago my i received  a cutting mat and quilling tool from my daughter
      from then i am into crafting 

          watch dawns video instructions for these baskets.



  1. ahaa ! beautiful step by step picture and the video show,thanks anju for sharing.holidays are nearer,i'll ask my daughter to follow your blog.

  2. thanks asiya .for your lovely comments .i shall try to post more crafts for kids .

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    Thanks ima..