Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Altered CD

Altered CD


                                           Materials Used  :  old CD 
                                                                         piece of hessian
                                             (This is from a parcel pack )
                                                                         gem stones 
                                                 the bible verse was written on inner side
                                                easter chocolate box and decorated with 
                                      to make the squirrel and branch i used 
                                      the borders of this(china restaurant ad paper)
                                                                 folded roses 
                                                                were made from this
                                              ITS  FROM THE PAPER PACK  OF
                                             INCENSE STICKS
                                                                before folding the roses 
                                i slightly dabbed the paper with ink,thats why its 
                                pink.and i used a clear nail varnish all around 
                               the edges     so that the hessian remains firm .
                                i always suggest to use iron on fabric with 
                               hessian to make it easier to adhere on cards .
                                I USED THE CUT BACK SIDE OF THE
                                EASTER CHOCOLATE BOX TO
                                WRITE THE BIBLE VERSE.
                                i am always nervous while writing so
                                i asked my daughter to write the 
                                when i took the picture it was too dark .
                                Hope you all like it .
                               Be Happy Make Others Happy...



  1. Great one angelin.. Can I use it as one of the projects for my summer camp for older kids... If that is ok with you??

  2. @Crafter Khush

    i am very happy .yes you could use it for the kids summer camp.
    thanks for the lovely comments.

  3. @Neha
    Thanks Neha for your lovely comments .

  4. Angelin, What a delight it is to see how you recycle! Coincidentally I was in the mood for making some crafts with old CDs today but could not think of anything inspiring enough. The background effect you have created is simply super.

  5. @Dr.Sonia SV
    Thanks Sonia .
    i was thinking of making something with the hessian from a package .
    and i used it on the cd .
    thanks a lot for your lovely comments.

  6. @Paula
    Thanks Paula for your lovely comments.

  7. Great idea, Angelin! I love the little squirrel! So sweet!

  8. Thank you so much Manu .
    your comments encourage me .

  9. Wow Angelin! This is soooo nice! I love your recycling ideas :). Love the quilling as always :)

  10. Thanks Laura ,for your lovely comments.

  11. wow !it has come out sooo well !!

  12. Thanks for your lovely comments Romina.

  13. Thanks a lot ima.for your lovely comments.take care .

  14. வேலைப் பழுவின் காரணமாக ஒரு வாரம் இனைய தலத்திர்க்கு வர இயலவில்லை இன்ஷாஅல்லாஹ் பதினாரு தேதி அன்று ஊருக்கு போறேன் சந்திப்போம்...

  15. Hey good work!!another creative craft to make use of old cds....