Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Teddy Bear /Flower shaped easel card

                                            Teddy Bear
                                            Flower Shaped Easel Card 

                                              Most of the materials used in this 
                         card are recycled ,unwanted things.
                         Last week i went to Lidl Super market ,there i saw 
                         these cardboard round pieces near the vegetable 
                                                                          (thanks Google)      

                                       the vegetable boxes have ventilation and these
                                       circles come with the package .
                                       Now i used three (i couldn't find more LoL)!!!
                                       to make the teddy .i dabbed the edges with ink
                                             i cut  the smallest circle into two for ears
                                             the other two, used for body and face .
                                           for the hands and legs i used primark 
                                            paper bags handle .

                                                                           i added two black
                                                             seed beeds for the eyes,
                                                             and a red color split pin 
                                                             for nose .i stuck the head
                                                           slightly in a slanting position
                                                           so that the quilled Bouquet 
                                                          does not hide the face .
                                                            for the pink color of cheeks
                                                              i used fresh chalks.
                                                                             from this bag i
                                                          cut a round piece for the 
                                                           middle of the flower.
                                                          (i received a christmas present 
                                                            in this bag)
                                                               punched flowers from yogurt foil

                                      here i have used midi and mini punches 
                                     for leaves and flowers .red ones are papers and
                                     silver flowers are yogurt foil 
                                     (thanks Ann martin).

                                   My teddy card is ready.
                         the card base i have used to make the easel flowers is 
                        from a old file/folder dividers   .
                        if the borders,edges go uneven while cutting 
                        the card i suggest to distress the edges with ink 
                        so it looks neat.
 Have a great Day .Byeeeeeeeeee.


  1. You are such a talented resourceful lady. Your teddy bear card is just the cutest thing.

  2. Neat work Angelin.. You are lady earth.. you recycle in the most amazing way ever.. :-)

  3. so adorable your teddy looks . How nicely you have upcycled these round cardboard pieces.Awesome job Angelin.

  4. Oh Angelin this is why I love your work so much- you use the most wonderful material!

  5. @Myrna,
    @Crafter Kushbhoo

    Thanks for all your lovely comments.
    its spring term holidays in U.K.
    I am going to take a short break ,shall be back after the 6th.
    keep crafting .

  6. This is incredible !!!! Thanks for sharing your project with us at CRAFT.


  7. Gorgeous card, Thank you for playing along with us at C.R.A.F.T Challenge this week.Good luck.
    Kevin xx

  8. What a wonderful idea - and thanks for sharing how you put the little teddy bear together :)

  9. You are so clever! :) That teddy is the cutest! Tks for sharing the tutorial with us!
    Tks for your kind comments! Appreciate it! :)

  10. @Kerry

    Thank you all for your lovely comments.

  11. Angelin, you are amazing! This card started with 3 simple cardboard circles and it turned out gorgeous! I love the teddy bear, he looks so cute!


  12. Thanks for your lovely comments ManU,
    i like teddies .even before starting i didnt expect that he would turn out that cute.since i love quilling i just added that bouquet .

  13. WOW Angelin! This is your best project until now! LOVE your teddy idea! And the yogurt foil flowers!!! SOOO COOL! You're so inventive! I think that's the purpose of crafting afterall!

    Thanks for the comment! You sould really start using Promerkers if you have'll fall in love with them :)


    P.S. So sorry I am passing by your blog so rarely... Marc stuff and all :)

  14. @Laura
    Thanks a lot Laura .
    i know how hard it is when you have a new born .when you are free drop by .
    except the yogurt foil flowers all are my own idea .
    yogurt foil flowers is the idea of all things paper Ann martin.

  15. Love the bear!!! what a great way to recycle. The flowers are fabulous. I would not have known they were from yogurt foil.

  16. Thanks a lot Helen for your lovely comments.
    yogurt foil punched flowers turned out lovely .it was Ann martins idea ,i tried and came well.

  17. Recycling at its finest! What a cute little bear.

  18. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a great comment. Slowly but surely the mojo is coming back. Thanks for caring.