Thursday, 2 June 2011

Altered CD 2

                                                                Made by my Daughter.


           This is a quick post. my daughter made this
           for a challenge in trimmies craft challenge.
           it is an altered  CD.only thing i did , helped 
           her to post it in the challenge .

                                  this blog encourages kids under 15 yrs.
                                  so moms tell about this to your little
                                  budding crafters .
                                   the materials she used 

                                  1, scratched  old CD
                                  2, double sided tape,
                                  3,dried grape cluster
                                   (i had this in my box for a long 
                                   time )
                                  she used it as a branch .
                                  4, 3D butterfly
                                  5,seed beads (from my Jewelery /
                                    beading box)
                                  she made the tiny quilled birdie
                                  and the bible verse sentiment she wrote
                                  on a piece of chocolate box cardboard.
                                  and used punched leaves.
                         Thanks for your lovely comments.

                          Have a great day


  1. well ur daughter's giving u competition angelin.. this is fab work.. seriously....

  2. Thanks A LOT Kushboo .
    thats true .my daughter is the best critic and most of the times she instructs me to do things.

  3. //my daughter is the best critic and most of the times she instructs me to do things.//
    these days kids are very smart.

  4. @Anamika
    Thanks for your lovely comments .

  5. Angelin this is amazing! How old is your little one. I just love the way the pink beads have been arranged.She has imbibed all your talent.Do post more of her work we would love to see it. Do give her love from Sonia Aunty!

  6. Thanks a lot Sonia ,
    she is 10 and half.
    she did'nt want to use punched flowers instead used those beads .
    since its term holidays she made 4 cards ,i shall post them too .

  7. SHe did a fantastic job, love it!!!

  8. The quilled flower looks adorable Angelin. I love the way you teach your child to up cycle ,congratulate her from me on such a good job done.

  9. @Paula

    thanks a lot for your lovely comments.

  10. very pretty angelin,,,looking forward to d cards as well !!

  11. thanks a lot Romina .shall post them soon .

  12. She has done very good job! keep it up.

  13. Angelin
    thanks for stopping by and leaving such a great comment on my moms picture.
    Love the CD your daughter did.

  14. @Vanathy
    Thanks a lot vanathy .
    Thanks Myrna for your lovely comments.

  15. Very cute! I wish I saw this sooner. I was looking for gift for the band teacher and this would have been perfect. Hurray to your daughter!

  16. Wow Angelin! Sharon is really talented :) I thought it was one of your creations! :) It's so nice they encourage kids to play along!
    Love the sentiment she used!

  17. @Helen
    Thanks a lot .
    Thanks a lot have a great day ,keep crafting .

  18. Ur daughter is so talented...i've seen so many crafts using old CDs,but nothing was as touching as this.Amazing work!!!keep encouraging her,art will make a man wise...grow her creativity!!My congrats n wishes to her :)

  19. WOW your daughter is super talented..... its truly amazing.......