Friday, 24 June 2011

Birthday card with hand made tissue paper flower

This is the very simple Birthday card ,i made 
yesterday .


                                it took just 15 minutes to finish the card ,
                                i did not use any backing paper ,as  it would ruin 
                               the polka dot card base. 
                               the stickers are from my favorite pepper and friends 
                               collection.and this is my second quilled butterfly .
                               the first one i made was done by shaping eccentric 
                              coils .within 15 mts it was really challenging.
                              and the paper flower was made by seeing Lauras 
                              video instructions .but i did not use the same 

                               i   used paper tissue (from chinese restaurant )


                                 and it was little tricky to crumble this
                                 kind of paper but i enjoyed trying it.
                                 i used revive starch instead of gimmer mist.
                                 and in the butterfly the body and feelers 
                                 are made with old brown envelope cut into 
                                 thin strips.RECYCLED!!!!!.

                                Thanks a lot for encouraging me with your
                                 precious comments.

                                Have a lovely sunny Week end.
                                 (its always rainy weekends here )


  1. its very nice work angelin..children can use this type of works for the school projects also.

  2. Such an exquisite work. I love how you always incorporate recycling into your works.Your flower has come out so well.

  3. @RAMVI//
    Thanks Rama for your lovely comments.
    @chillin with Quillin //
    Thanks a lot Paula
    (i've started a quilled art ,still not able to finish .just thought of you )
    @Dr Sonia S V //
    Thanks a lot Sonia .
    i always try to make crafts with things that are around me .
    and i really enjoyed making that flower thanks and credit goes to Laura.

  4. lovely card .. love the tissue paper flower..

  5. Revive starch!! I have to try this !lovely flower and quilled butterfly.

  6. // இமா said...//
    Thanks ima

  7. // சந்திரகௌரி said..//
    Thanks a lot Madam .

  8. //SUGANTHI said...//
    yes suganthi i used revive starch . with tissue paper it turned out pretty .thanks for your lovely comments..whille making you hold all th petals together and dab stamp towards all around the outer edges..
    thats how i did .

  9. Deepti Aggarwal said...//
    Thanks a lot Deepti for your lovely comments.

  10. wow ur card is sooooooooooooo pretty love the new idea:)

  11. Thanks Sheeba .for your lovely comments.

  12. I ♥ this card...i want to make the flower but i dont have anything i could use for it(at home)so i was gonna use some tissue of some sort
    anyways this is lovely and it was posted ony my birthday lol june 24th

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