Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wild Orange Poppies

Wild Orange Poppies in a Box Frame 

                                                i did'nt have a husking comb to make the 
                                            petals ,so i made eccentric coils and shaped 
                                            them .used a piece of hessian for backing ,
                                          and last but not least the frame .........................
                                                                I bought an air freshener ,
                                          incense stick and holder from body care 
                                          they came in this box .as you all know that 
                                         i never ever throw any junk away.
and sssoooooooo  i've got a frame with cover for my quilled flowers LOL!

                                              NOW PROTECTED FROM DUST TOOO!!!
                                                         from our  Garden.
                                                Byeeee !!!! Have a great day .


  1. Beautiful flowers, love what you used for the frame, great idea!!!

  2. /you all know that i never ever throw any junk away//

    yes yes. we all know that =))

    Beautiful flowers. Should try them soon.

  3. Very nice flowers! and they fit in the box perfectly! Great recycling.

  4. Lovely flowers Angelin. Love the shadow box too.

  5. @Paula

    Thanks a lot for your lovely comments .
    the size of the box was 6.5" X 3.5"
    So i didnt add much leaves as it would be too crowded.thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving your precious comments .they encourage me to collect more JUNK ROTFL!!!!!!

  6. The poppies turned out great, Angelin! I love the idea to make a shadowbox from the incense stick container.

  7. I just saw your latest comment 'they encourage me to collect more junk' hilarious!

  8. WOW! Looks amazing! Very beautiful! Great idea :)