Monday, 20 June 2011

Natural cord wrist band with quilled flower.

    I made these quilled Jewelry  .one is altered and the other one 
     reused .  

                                                      Quilled flower arm band
                                  i was in a hurry to take the pictures before the glue 
                                  could dry ,thats why those spots are on the flower .
                                                                             quilled earrings 

                                  ARM BAND

                                 I bought a natural cord arm band from 99 p shop and 
                                 added the quilled flower like this (see the pictures)


                                           its the first time i tried to make paper jewelry .
                                           and those tiny earrings are my daughters gold 
                                          ear rings .she wore them when she was 2 years 
                                           i just added a  tight center coil and two tiny 
                                           petals .she really loves to wear them .

                                            the picture was taken at night sorry about the 
                                             poor quality.

     And now its time to thank my blog friend FOR THIS SWEET AWARD
Dr.Sonia S.V 

                                                      Thanks A lot Sonia i shall 
          share it with some of my fellow bloggers in my next post.
Cheers !!!! Keep smiling and keep crafting .


  1. very nice, keep up the good work,!!!!

  2. Thanks a lot Paula .these are my first quilled jewelry .very happy they've come well.

  3. Good that you are venturing into new territory.The ear ring looks good

  4. @Suganthi
    Thanks a lot Suganthi .

  5. @Dr.Sonia
    Thanks a lot Sonia .theres another reason for trying to make these .it did'nt take much time to finish .made both within 20 minutes.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a great tip. I think it may have been a spring card.
    You are very adventureous to try the jewellery.

  7. wow.. love the stuff made by you.. awesome dear...